Results of operational search activities as an informational basis to generate evidence

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Dzabiev U.K.
Investigator of the neftekumsky inter-district investigative Department of the investigative
Department of the Investigative Committee Russian Federation in the Stavropol territory
Postgraduate student
Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Annotation: The article analyzes the problems of using information obtained as a result of operational search activities in the formation of evidence. According to the author, such results can be manifested in the procedural activity in two ways: at the initiative of the investigator or the body that performs ORD, for each of which legal mechanisms for forming evidence should be provided. The need to Supplement the code of criminal procedure with a new investigative action “order of the investigator on the «production of operational search measures is justified».

Keywords: operational search measures, information, investigator, evidence.