№ 4

Theory and history of state and law; history of doctrines about law and state

Evolution of ideas about the forms (sources) of law in the context of the development of digital technologies
Amelin R.V.

Conditions of effectiveness of the regulations of law: some aspects of the problem
Zhinkin S.A.

Rethinking the concept of “law-making” in the conditions of digitalization of conomy and law
Kich I.S.

Civil law; business law; family law; private international law

Civil peculiarities of th state (municipal) contract termination
Zakharenko D.S.

Social function of property in Russia and foreign countries
Migacheva A.Yu.

Criminal Law and Criminology; penal law

Theoretical and methodological foundations of historical and legal analysis system of special part of criminal law
Aslanyan R.G.

Non-application of criminal liability for refusal of the witness to give indications
Klyuev A.A., Prokhorova M.L.

Reflection of the progress of information technologies in the content of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (on the example of the legislative definition of the subject of a bribe)
Ogorodnikova N.V., Konovalov A.K.

Сriminal process

Results of operational search activities as an informational basis to generate evidence
Dzabiev U.K.

Features of a civil claim in criminal proceedings for compensation for non-pecuniary damage,  caused by a criminal violation of personal non-property rights
Potapenko S.V.

Interaction of the investigator with the authorities, performing operational search activities activity
Sementsov V.A.

The fact in proof in theory and practice modern criminal proceedings
Tsatsuro V.A.

Reasonable load level as a sign of professional maturity of the attorney
Yanovsky A.S.

Administrative law; administrative process

Migraton law in the system of administrative law of the Russian Federation:place and value
Sherebzov A.N., Maleschev E.A.

Civil procedure; arbitration process

A combination of imperative and dispositiv principles in private enforcement law
Pilipenko E.A.